In-House Services Designed to Make Your Shipping Easier & More Reliable

Finding a transportation partner that can handle all aspects of your freight transportation efficiently and affordably isn’t an easy task. That’s especially true if you need a wide variety of services, like oversize load permits, route surveying and pilot car services.

in-house logistics

How can you get access to all of that under one roof?

At the heart of our freight forwarding services is a dedication to seamless logistics. We understand that in today’s fast-paced global economy, timely and secure transport of goods is paramount. That’s why we employ cutting-edge technology and industry-best practices to ensure your shipments reach their destinations swiftly and without hassle.

That’s where Routemasterfreight comes in. Get access to in-house experts in all of the areas listed above with a trucking company that puts safety first.

The result is clear communication, ensuring your shipment gets on the road faster and done right the first time. These routemasterfreight experts are here to ensure each and every load you schedule with us is executed safely, on time and within your budget.

If you’ve ever been told by other carriers that it can’t be done, we’d love to talk. Let’s brainstorm and come up with new, innovative ways to get your freight delivered — and, hopefully, save you money in the process.

Oversize Load Permits

Keep your project on time with experts in oversize load regulations for all types of freight — including securement of wide load permits and overweight permits. With well-established relationships across North America and decades of experience, we help shippers, just like you, secure more than 100,000 permits annually across all states, provinces and other municipalities.

Get your loads on the road faster and ensure there won’t be any delays once it’s en route. We’ll help you secure the proper permits in each municipality at the right time so your freight crosses each border seamlessly. Get your over-dimensional freight delivered with no delays — no matter the size or destination.

Route Surveying

Ensure your freight takes the safest and most efficient route to its final destination with routemasterfreight Technical Services team. Whether you need route reviews, swept-path analysis or other services, it’ll get taken care of in-house — using computer-aided design (CAD)-based aerial systems and other leading technologies.

Route surveys are also available across the country with “boots on the ground” support to ensure every detail is correct — even if that means driving the entire route to understand the challenges firsthand. You can count on routemasterfreight Technical Services team to do the right homework before your load hits the road for a customized solution tailored to your load specifications.

Pilot Car Services

Moving over-dimensional freight safely often requires a team effort. With a full team of pilot car services in-house and more than 1,000 contracted pilot car escorts, the driver hauling your freight will have an experienced guide on the permitted route to keep the team, your freight and the public safe during the shipment.